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7 Wells Rd Gately East London

Bandag is commonly known as the Leader in Tyre Retread Technology and viewed all over as the World's Most Trusted Retread. At East London Bandag we do not only manufacture superior quality Bandag retreads but also supply premium quality new tyres and tyre services.

Punishing Loads, Severe Gradients, Treacherous Surface, Just-in-Time Demands

Daunting Fleet Expansions, Spiraling Tyre Expenses,

Giant Potholes , Middle of Nowhere ?



Phone 043 731 1109



10 Years on, we are here to stay

June 2015 / by Bandag


Making the intangible tangible

Jan 16 | by Bandag   

Bandag launches ProWheel

Jan 16 | by Bandag  


On the Move with Bandags Mobile billboard

Jan 16 | by Bandag   

Bandag Retreads - A means to reduce the effects of your green fee...

Jan 16 | by Bandag  

Bandag Retreads - Built on a reputation to outperform

Jan 22 | by Bandag  


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