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We are a East London,Eastern cape based Bandag retread franchise offering best in class superior quality Bandag Truck and Bus retread tyres, New tyres on all sizes, Vulcanised repairs, fleet services, Tyre consumables and 24HR Tyre Breakdown services.
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On retreading we Offer a maximum 1 week customer retread turnaround time with weekly pickup and deliveries throughout the northern east cape regions.


  • The East London Bandag Retread Manufacturing Facility is based in East London Eastern Cape equipped with the Latest, Brand New, State of the Art Bandag Tyre Retread and Tyre Repair Machinery and Equipment sufficient in capacity to produce High Volume Production to effectively service the market.


  • The Bandag Retread Manufacturing Facility offer unique Retread Process features that no other Retread Process offer:


  1. Bandag is the only Total Comprehensive Tyre Retread System in the World to provide it’s Franchisees A to Z with what they need to process Top Quality Retreads all the time.  Bandag Manufacturer Retread and Repair Machinery, Equipment and Tooling, Pre cure tread rubber, Tread bonding materials, Tyre repair materials, Training and Quarterly quality audits of the total process.

  2. Bandag Patented DPC Curing System to prevent tread bundling in the tread voids during the curing process to ensure tread uniformity to ultimately enhance tread performance.

  3. Bandag Patented Tread Bonding Materials that cure at the lowest curing temperature of 98 – 100 Celsius in the Industry to effectively prolong casing life expectancy.









The Bandag Global Manufacturing Licencing Agreement enforce that each and every batch mix go through stringent lab tests pre and post manufacturing to ensure that all the different tread patterns in the range own specific and consistent properties regarding compounds and density every time and same all over the world. 


  • The East London Bandag Retread Manufacturing Facility operates strictly in accordance with the stringent Quality Certification Program as required by Bandag Global and in addition to that full compliance to the SANS 20109 / SABS ECER 109:1998 European Quality Standard for Production of Retreaded Pneumatic Tyres for Commercial Vehicles.

  • Regular and ongoing Quality Audits is performed by both Bandag SA and SABS Audit teams.

  • East London Bandag supports all Manufactured Products with a Full Retread Life Warranty against Product Material Failure and Faulty Workmanship.



  • The East London Bandag Retread Manufacturing Facility offer a Maximum (1) One Week Turn Around Time on all tyres send in for retread and/or repair from date of pick-up, up to delivery date.  

  • East London Bandag keep Sufficient Stock of all the fast moving stock retread and new commercial tyre sizes as required by the market for delivery.




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