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East London Retread Factory

East London Bandag Retread factory was commissioned in January 2014 with all of the latest brand new retreading equipment offered by Bandag Southern Africa followed by 4 weeks of intensive operator training. We opened our doors for customer retreads on the 3rd of February 2014.  


We have since proven ourselves as the most trusted retread factory in our service region, producing only high quality high performance RELIABLE Bandag Retreads. 

For over 50 years, Bandag retreads have built a solid reputation based on a commitment to quality, innovation and a focus on improving both tyre performance and your bottom line.

Retreading is just one part of East London Bandag’s product offering. Our customers can count on a multitude of value adding services ranging from monthly scrap analysis, product recommendations, fleet surveys, product test monitoring, and many more fleet related services.


Our customers can also count on our as well as Bandag's national network for emergency tyre related breakdowns, anywhere, anytime, we got you covered.

In essence, it starts with retreads that often exceed the performance of new tyres, at a fraction of the price and ends with superior value adding services that together, positively impact on your bottom line. 


Building East London Bandag
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