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New or Retread Tyres


For the best cost effectiveness of any fleet a balance must be achieved between New and Retread tyres.


Buying Premium new Tyres must be viewed as an investment not only will they give better mileage on the new tread life than some "cheapies" out there they will also give maximum retread lives.


Most Major new tyre Manufactures has joined with major retreading manufacturers therefore Premium new tyres are manufactured for maximum retreadability.


The best cost effectiveness therefore will be buying premium new tyres thus generating your own premium tyre casings resulting in a return on investment due to multiple retreadability.


The Bandag retreading system has been designed to ensure that multiple retreads on a proper casing can be achieved,and each retread live given by a proper casing equals a lower total life cost of your initial new tyre investment. Using the correct Bandag "Application Specific" product will compete with premium new tyre performance and preserve retreadability in most cases.


Tyre Cost should be viewed in "total tyre life cost" instead of  just initial tyre life cost.


Retreads can be from 30-60% less in price than a new tyre(depending on variables like new tyre cost retread pattern selected ect)


Lets work on 50% for a example


New tyre = 100% Cost for x amout of Km

1st life Retread = 100% + 50% = 25% saving

2nd life retread = 100% + 50% +50% = 50% saving

3rd life retread = 100% + 50% +50% +50% = 75%


Retreading will always be a saving due the the fact that most of the cost of a new tyre is the casing,and that cost gets re-used everytime you retread.

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