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  • Rema Tip Top appointed East London Bandag as an Agent and Distributor to stock their full product range of tyre repair materials, tyre repair equipment and tooling, tyre maintenance accessories and equipment, wheel weights for tyre balancing, to mention only a few.  

  • The addition of Rema Tip Top product range to our Bandag Retread, Repair and Stock Retread offering, make East London Bandag a Convenient One Stop Supplier in terms of an everyday use product range now available much closer to the market.

  • The East London Bandag Retread Manufacturing Facility will use only Rema Tip Top Repair Materials in the tyre repair process.  A Rema Tip Top Tyre Repair Specialist comprehensively trained all our tyre repair technicians in the art of repairing tyres successfully every time.

  • Regular and ongoing Quality Audits is performed by Rema Tip Top, Bandag SA and SABS Audit teams to ensure Quality Standards are adhered to at all times.

  • Our Tyre Repair Program is designed to restore casing integrity and to put as many tyres as possible back into appropriate applications in order to Save on Tyre Replacement Costs.

  • Bandag approved Rema Tip Top tyre repair gaiters in conjunction with Bandag HD30 bonding material and cement floated together are used to ensure a repair that forms a permanent part of the tyre casing to stay intact for the full life cycle of the tyre.

  • Our East London Bandag Tyre Repair Division can successfully repair bead damage, crown injuries, sidewall splits and penetrations, shoulder penetrations all up to the maximum limitations as specified by both Bandag and Rema Tip Top.

  • East London Bandag will support all tyre repair work with a Full Life Warranty against product material failure and faulty workmanship.


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Rema Tip Top is a Global Market Leader specializing in the Manufacturing and Distribution of a vast variety of Superior Quality Products to the Automotive and Industrial sectors of the market.  In particular Rema Tip Top Tyre Repair Materials are ranked the best in the world.

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