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Can retreads give good milage ?

Yes Bandag Retreads often equal /or exceed mileage performance of new tyres.


Just as new tyre mileage,retread mileage varies widely from brand to brand.


The reason?


A complex mix of tread compounding, tread weight, tread design, casing structure and many other factors go into mileage.


Bandag's compounds and tread designs has been continually developed and refined for over more than 50 years of retreading experience. When it comes to retreading Bandag is often copied but never equalled.


The mileage performance of a tyre is of course influenced by many opperational external factors like: application, load, route, road conditions, driving style, etc.


Choosing the right Application Specific product by Bandag for your specific conditions is key for achieving optimal mileage performance.


Since performance is similar and retread cost substantially less than new tyres, retreading is an effective way to lower your total tyre costs.


How can a Bandag Retread Equal or Exceed new tyre mileage at 40-60% of the cost?


A simple explanation of this is Due to the fact that 70% of the cost of a new tyre is in the casing that leaves 30% of the cost for the tread (the part that meets the road),

where as 100% of the cost of a Bandag retread goes only into the tread.








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