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Why are retreaded tyres such a good value? 


Most of the manufacturing cost of a new tyre is in the tyre body or casing.

The tread (the portion of the tyre that meets the road) represents only a percentage of the new tyre cost.


Today's Premium brand steel radial commercial truck tyres are an industrial product designed to provide multiple tread lives over the life of the casing.


This useful casing life is monitored and managed closely by the tyre owners as tyres are the number one maintenance cost of operating commercial vehicles and on the road downtime is very expensive. Casings are inspected on and off vehicles, at many points in their lives.


The most complete inspections are conducted in full service retread plants that take advantage of all the technology available. When a tyre becomes worn and seems ready for discard, the bulk of its cost remains unrecovered. In fact, the tyre's useful life has hardly begun!


Buying a Good Premium Brand New Tyre is an investment.

(Due to multiple retread lives a proper casing can give)


Retreading that tyre with Bandag is a Return on that investment.




                                             R18 000 (Average)


                                             R10 000 (Average)




Now multiply the saving with each wheel position in your fleet 


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